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    Infrared light barrier (PIR)

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    External infrared light barrier

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    Infrared light barrier

    With this Infrared light barrier your can easily upgrade your ip camera. For example if you want to secure an entrance which no one should access you can install the light barrier which will cause an alarm once someone enters the room.

    The light barrier is suitable for all models which have an alarm input and output. These include our IN-2905, IN-2907, IN-2908, IN-3001, IN-3005, IN-3010 / PoE, IN-3011, IN-4009, IN-4010, IN-4011, IN-5905HD, IN-5907HD, IN-6011HD, IN-6012HD and IN-7011HD. Please be aware that the light barrier doesn't have a weather-proof casing!

    The light barrier will be connected to Pin 3&4 of your IP camera in order to cause an alarm once someone walks throught the barrier. The camera will then sent you a email with 6 pictures in the attachment or the camera will upload the pictures to a FTP server. You can aditionally install the Alarm siren which you find also in the cameras accessories. This will cause a 110db Alarm if someone walks through the light barrier.

    Content of delivery:

    • IR light barrier (Sender)
    • IR light barrier (Receiver)
    • Installation Guide in German (English version can be sent by email)
    ATTENTION! The delivery does "not" include a 12V power supply. This will be necessary to use the IR light barrier so please make sure you have a 12V power supply...
    Overall product information
    Power supply DC 12V - 24V
    max. consumo energetico RX 15mA – TX 30mA
    Relais output Relay Output 1A max 36V
    Working temperature -10° C — +50° C
    Start-up duration Instant
    Campo di rilevamento Diameter ~ 8m (at 3,6m height)
    Angolo di rilevamento 360° @ ~ 90° opening angle
    Sensor Infrared sender / receiver
    Special feature Ceiling- or wallmount
    Requirements & Measurements
    Per il modello IN-2905 V2, IN-2907, IN-2908, IN-3001, IN-3005, IN-3010, IN-3010 PoE, IN-3011, IN-4009, IN-4010, IN-4011, IN-5905HD, IN-5907HD, IN-5907HD PoE, IN-6011HD, IN-6012HD, IN-6012HD PoE, IN-7011HD, IN-7011HD PoE
    Peso 20g (x2)
    Dimensioni in pollici (H / W / D) 49.2 / 76 / 21.6 (x2)

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