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    Set of 4! IN-LAN 500p black

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    Powerline adapter with additional power socket.

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    What is IN-LAN ®?

    IN-LAN is a smart and secure technology which allows you to build a high-speed data network over your power supply - without the complex and expensive cabling - which is required for a regular LAN-connection. IN-LAN offers data transfer rates bandwidth-intensive applications like you they are accustomed to a regular LAN.

    IN-LAN enables you to connect your computer to network devices where a stable Wi-Fi connection is no longer possible. IN-LAN turns every power socket into an access point with a state-of-the-art technology which guarantees a strict separation between power and data network.

    This IN-LAN adapter is designed for 500MBits and enables a very fast data transfer. Due to an additional power plug (passthrough) you can connect e.g. your cameras power supply to the IN-LAN adapter directly. This saves you an additional power connector.


    • Use existing power lines to implement a network with IN-LAN.
    • Very simple plug n play technology. Just plug into the wall socket and you're done.
    • Ultra-fast data transfer up to 500Mbps.
    • Expand your network with for e.g. IP cameras or other network devices without laying network cables.
    • Passthrough socket - Does not block your in-wall power socket
    • A very detailed instruction will make the installation very easy.

    Contents of delivery:

    • 1x IN-LAN 500p network adapter (available with British (G), American (NEMA-1) and German (C) plug-in connector)
    • 1x network cable
    • 1x installation CD
    • 1x english installation guide
    Overall product information
    Tensione di ingresso 100 - 240V
    Tensione di uscita 100 - 240V (Passthrough)
    max. consumo energetico 2 Watt (0.5 W Standby)
    Chipset Atheros AR7420
    Velocità di trasferimento dati 500 MBit
    Special feature Passthrough Socket, Encryption: 128 AES data rate (TCP/UDP): 65Mbps (TCP) / 90Mbps (UDP)
    Requirements & Measurements
    Dispositivi compatibili Tutte le dispositivi di rete
    Per il modello
    Peso 122g
    Dimensioni in pollici (H / W / D) 10.3 / 5.3 / 3.6

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